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See how this VERY DIFFERENT approach to language learning can help you learn to Speak and Understand Conversational Spanish in 5 Weeks 


What if Learning Spanish Was As Fun As Binge Watching Your Favorite Netflix Show?

With Visual Spanish, It is!

Just watch one binge-worthy episode per day for 5 weeks, and through fun, witty dialog, subliminal visual cues, and addictive Spanish immersion, you'll speak and understand conversational Spanish. Guaranteed.

Fun & funny

Funny characters in hilarious situations will keep you learning just to find out what happens next.


It's a one-on-one class with a real teacher - you'll learn how to speak  like a native, not like a robot.


Color-coded words, symbols, illustrations and other visual cues will help you learn 10x faster.

Visual Spanish has a Special Formula To Make Sure You Remember What You Learn.

Color coding genius!

Every Spanish word appears on the screen (so you can see how it is spelled). All words are color-coded so that your brain picks up on different types of words. Verbs are green, nouns are blue or pink and adjectives are purple. After a few classes, this color-coding will work like subtextual signals for how words are used. It makes learning Spanish MUCH easier!

Road signs

Symbols will let you know if  what you're learning is slang, formal or informal speech. Also, when a word or phrase is specific to one Spanish-speaking country, you'll see a flag to let you know. Treat the symbols like a dashboard giving you important information as you navigate the language.


I still have nightmares about verbs. There are 42 verb tenses in Spanish, compared to only 9 in English. And they are a huge pain in the &%$#@. We'll help you conquer verbs in 2 ways. First by including arrow symbols indicating past, present, continuous and future tense. These help you quickly absorb the conjugation rules. Second, you'll always see the root verb and pronoun on the screen. This helps you to help connect the usage with the derivation.

Sex & Vocab

Words having genders is kind of a strange idea for a lot of English-speakers. Our color-coded illustrations will help you understand and use genders intuitively. Notice how the they are are blue for masculine and pink for feminine. These iconic images are burned into your brain so you remember vocabulary easily and instantly!

Sentence structure and translations

Some people are audio learners, others learn visually – most people need both. With Visual Spanish every word is on-screen so you see the spelling while hearing it pronounced. The English translation shows you how the sentence structure changes from one language to another.

Retain everything!

Visual Spanish takes you inside 30 private Spanish lessons. You'll meet Jimena, an amazing Spanish instructor, and David, her dopey student from London. Kind of like learn-Spanish reality TV, but with redeeming social value! The point is, you'll find yourself learning so you can follow along with the twists and turns of all the relationships! It's edgy, funny, and completely inappropriate.

Visual Spanish includes Everything required by the American Council for Teaching a Foreign Language for Spanish 1 & 2 , as well as by the Common European Framework Reference for Languages - Spanish A1/B1.

The secret… to speaking Conversational Spanish.


Boring vocab drills and repetitive apps will never teach you to speak conversationally. 


Learning Spanish should be fun and addictive! 


Try Visual Spanish today risk-free and Speak Spanish conversationally in 2022!


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