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Aprende los distance adverbs with Bacilos 🎸

grammar music video Dec 07, 2020

¿Allá? ¿Acá? ¿Allí? Or is it aquí? 

Today, we're using the mega popular Latin American band Bacilos to help you master distance adverbs. 

In the chorus of their hit Pasos de gigantes, they sing:

Se fue complicando la situación
Y no hay que olvidarse que al corazón
Le puedes decir de todo menos mentiras
Tu ibas para allá yo iba para acá
Fue tan bonito verte cruzar
Al menos por un ratito por mi camino

Allá y acá or here and there, are two adverbs that express distance. They're similar to allí y aquí, which also express here and there, however, they have some subtle differences:

One variance is that acá y allá denote a location that's less precise than allí y aquí, meaning that it can be used for situations that are more vague.


Allá, a lo lejos.
Translation: Over there, far away.

Acá parece que no va a llover.

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Learn Spanish with Juanes

music video vocab Nov 12, 2020

Juanes, born Juan Estebán Aristizábal Vásquez (¡what a name!) is a Colombian guitarist, singer, songwriter and certified heart-throb. One of Latin America's most influential artists of the 21st Century, we can use his song Gotas de agua dulce to learn about some natural elements.

Some definitions:
Gotas - Drops
Agua - Water
Rayo de sol - Ray of sun
Luz - Light
Sombra - Shade

In this song, Juanes uses various elements figuratively to express his #Deep emotions and make romantic metaphors. When we contextualize the definitions, it becomes a lot easier to understand their significance.

Lo que yo siento por ti es amor
Ganas que me hacen útil el corazón
droga que me hace inmune ante el dolor
gotas de agua dulce rayo de sol.

Llévame, de ser preciso, por la semblanza de tu sombra
yo sé que tu prendes la luz y en mi vida te asomas
como las blancas palomas, cuando la plaza se toman
con vuelo inmortal.


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Use a Mariachi Song to Learn Mexican Slang 🇲🇽🎶

music video slang Nov 11, 2020

In Mexico, a popular way to say ok or 'adelante' is the slang word arre. It's etymological meaning is super interesting and makes a lot of sense when you contextualize it. And lucky for us, we can use mariachi legend José Alfredo Jiménez's famous song El rey as a way to remember its significance:

Arre comes from the word arriero, or muleteer, who has the job of steering forward mules. When you think of arre then, it makes sense that these words are connected.

José Alfredo's mariachi talks about solitude but also perseverance and in the lyrics, he mentions that on his journey, he speaks to an arriero, or a muleteer, who inspires him to go forth but without pressure when he says:

Después me dijo un arriero
que no hay que llegar primero,
pero hay que saber llegar.

After, a muleteer told me
you don't have to get there first
but you have to know how to get there.

If you ever forget the meaning of arre, use...

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