5 Milk-Related Phrases to Help You Sound Like a True Spaniard

slang Nov 02, 2020

Españoles are big milk fans. Milk is an integral part of the typical Spanish café con leche and its estimated that each Spaniard drinks an average of 70 liters of milk per year. But the leche obsession doesn't stop there - there's a whole range of milk-related phrases that are thrown around every day.

Check em' out here:

'Estar de mala leche'
Literal translation: ‘To be a bad milk’ (Meaning: To be in a bad mood)
Example: Mi hermana viene de mala leche porque no ha aprobado su examen.

'Dar una leche'
Literal translation: Give a milk’ (Meaning: To hit someone)
Example: ¡Como vuelvas a hacerlo, te doy una leche!

'Me cago en la leche'
Literal translation: ‘I sh*t on the milk’ (Meaning: To express anger)
Example: ¡Me cago en la leche Merche!

'A toda leche'
Literal translation: ‘At all milk’ (Meaning: At a very fast pace)
Example: Ven a toda leche, que la boda ya esta por empezar.

'Ser la leche'
Literal translation: ‘To be the milk’ (Meaning: To be the shit)
Example: ¡Este tío es la leche!

Since Spanish is spoken in 18 different countries across the world, it's important to know exactly which type of Spanish you’re speaking. Next time you’re in Spain, aprovecha and use these regional, milk-based idioms.

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