A Pronunciation Trick That'll Make You Laugh Your A** Off

pronunciation Nov 23, 2020

¡Buenas, buenas!

Hoy, we're bringing you a simple-but-super-effective trick to help you tackle the pronunciation of the verb hacer (to do). We've always found that its easier to remember stuff with mnemonic devices, especially if their funny: 

If we break up 'hacer' into two parts we're left with the sounds 'ass' and 'er'.

So basically, 'ass,' the raunchy word for butt and 'er,' like a stutter.

We can also use this trick for some of hacer's conjugations. Here's a list to refresh your memory:


Yo hago

Tu haces

El hace

Nosotros hacemos

Vosotros hacéis

Ellos hacen

With the exception of hago, which we can break up into 'ah' (like a pause) and 'go!' (like advance), all of these conjugations could be ass-related.

Haces - Asses (plural of ass)

Hace - Ass, eh?

Hacemos - Ass, eh +mos

Hacéis - Ass + ace (like an ace of spades)

Hacen - Ass + the letter 'n'

Remember these ass-related tricks and you'll be pronouncing like a native in no time.

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