The Multiple Meanings of the Spanish 'sobre' ✉️

homonyms Oct 27, 2020

¡Buenos días!

Ever think of how there are particular words with multiple meanings? For example, a playground can usually be found in a park but you also park your car once you've arrived to your destination. 

Words that have various definitions are called homonyms and they're not only present in the English language - Spanish is chock full of them.

One of these is  the word 'sobre'.

As TikTokker Zachary Jaquith shows us, it can sometimes get confusing to know which sobre to use.

¡Sobre todo, no te olvides del sobre que llegará sobre las 12!

That's pretty confusing. The same word with three different meanings in the same sentence.

But don’t worry, we’re here to clear it up! (see below)

Here are the various ways you can use sobre:

Example: El sobre es de color blanco.

Example: Sobre todo, no te olvides de cerrar la puerta con llave.

On top of something
Example: Puedes encontrar la carta sobre la mesa.

Phrase that indicates the procession of something
Example: Mentira sobre mentira.

Indicating a hierarchy
Example: El jefe está sobre el resto del equipo.

Example: Hemos quedado sobre las diez para ir a cenar.

'Divided by'
Example: Diez sobre diez es uno.

Who would've thought there'd be so many sobres? While these may be confusing at first, keep practicing and you'll get the hang of them in no time 😜

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