9 Ways That Mexicans Creatively Use the Word Madre

slang Oct 29, 2020
In Mexico, madres are everywhere. Featured in a veeery wide range of different Mexican phrases, the word is thrown around constantly, in various contexts. 
Check some of these mama-related phrases out: 
¡No mames!

Literal translation: 'Don’t suck' (Meaning: Stop messing around)
Example: ¡No mames wey! Tienes que estudiar.

Ni madres

Literal translation: 'Not even mothers' (Meaning: Nothing)
Example: ¡No entiendo ni madres!

¡No te creo ni madres!

Literal translation: 'I don’t believe you nor mothers' (Meaning: I don’t believe you at all!)
Example: ¡No te creo ni madres que hayas terminado tus deberes!

¡Que desmadre!

Literal translation: 'What a non-mother' (Meaning: What a mess)
Example: ¡Qué desmadre! Hay que limpiar la cocina ahora mismo.

¡Chinga tu madre!

Literal translation: 'F*ck your mother! (Meaning: F*ck off)
Example: A mi hermana no la vas a insultar. ¡Vete a chingar a tu madre, cabrón!

¡No tienes madre!

Literal translation: 'You don’t have a mother!' (Meaning: Without shame)
Example: ¿Estás con mi ex-novia? ¡Tu no tienes madre!

¡Que poca madre!

Literal translation: 'What little mother' (Meaning: Phrase of enthusiasm OR negative connotation)
Example: ¡Me la pase de poca madre este fin de semana!

¡Me vale madres!

Literal translation: 'It’s worth mothers' (Meaning: I don’t care)
Example: ¡Me vale madres que hayas decidido dejarme!

Esa madre

Literal translation: 'That mother' (Meaning: Reference to basically any object)
Example: ¿Dónde está esa madre?

¡So, next time you're in Mexico (with or without your mami), use one of these to speak like a local!

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