Learn How to Drink in Spanish with Rockstar Pau Donés

vocab Oct 27, 2020

In Spanish you can say 'to drink' with two verbs - beber and tomar. 
There are, nonetheless, differences. 

Today, we're paying tribute to the great Pau Donés from the Spanish band Jarabe de Palo and using their song agua to clear things up 👇

Beber can be used to express the act of drinking liquid or fluid (water, beer, wine, juice, coffee etc.) Tomar however, in addition to drinks, can also be used for when eating a solid food (ice cream, cake, a snack).

In Agua, Pau Donés sings:

Cuando uno tiene sed
Pero el agua no está cerca
Cuando uno quiere beber
Pero el agua no está cerca

When one is thirsty
But the water isn't near
When one wants to drink

In this case, he could have also used the verb tomar, since it works for both liquids and solids. So if Pau would have said: Cuando uno quiere tomar it also would have been grammatically correct. 

If you're ever in doubt, you can play it safe and say tomar, since it works for all cases.

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