Different Ways to Express Being Hungover in Spanish 🌎🍸🍹🍻

expressions slang Nov 11, 2020

Since Spanish is spoken in so many places across the world, many countries have different ways of expressing a particular word or concept. This happens to be the case with the word hangover, otherwise known as that atrocious feeling you get after drinking too much. 

Check out these diverse phrases:

Resaca - 🇪🇸🌎

Resaca is the most general and popular way to say hangover in Spanish and most Spanish-speakers will know what you mean when you say it.

Forms of usage:
Tener + resaca 
Example: Tengo mucha resaca. 
Estar + resaca
Example: Estoy de resaca.

Guayabo - 🇨🇴

Guayabo translates to guava tree, but in Colombia (and only in Colombia) it also means to have a hangover. If you drink too much aguardiente, Colombia’s famous liquor, chances are you’ll have to integrate this word into your vocabulary.

Forms of usage:
Tener + guayabo 
Example: Tengo un guayabo tremendo. 
Estar + enguayabado 
Example: Estoy muy enguayabado.

Careful though, the feminine version of guayabo can only be said when using the estar form.

For example, Ella está enguayabada.

Crudo - 🇬🇹🇲🇽

While crudo is also the word for raw, in Guatemala and Mexico, it has an extra significance. 

Forms of usage: 
Estar + crudo 
Example: Estoy cruda.
Tener + un crudo 
Example: Tengo un crudo tremendo.

Goma - 🇨🇷🇬🇹🇳🇮🇭🇳

Goma is another one of those words that has a hundred meanings. It can mean eraser, a car wheel, rubber… the list goes on and on.
If you go out in Central America however, particularly in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras, you’re likely to have una goma.

Forms of usage: 
Tener + una goma 
Example: Ayer tomé demasiado y ahora tengo una goma monstruosa.

*Take note that the masculine conjugation does not exist.

Chuchaqui - 🇪🇨

Finally, we have the Ecuadorian chuchaqui, which is objectively the most fun way to say hangover in Spanish. It comes from the Quechua word chaqui, which refers to the feeling you get after chewing too many coca leaves. 

Forms of usage:
Estar + chuchaqui 
Example: ¿Estás chuchaqui porque tomaste demasiado? 
Tener + chuchaqui 
Example: Tengo un chuchaqui horroroso.

So next time you drink too much (we're sorry in advance), use these 5 phrases to help you express how you're feeling.

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