A Trick to Avoid Sounding Like Napoleon Dynamite's Grandma

pronunciation Oct 29, 2020

¡Go fix yourself a dang quesadeeyuh!

If you've seen Napoleon Dynamite, you know just how terribly his grandma's Spanish pronunciation is. 👆Here's a reminder (if you haven't seen it yet, brace yourself):

Here's where grandma Dynamite goes wrong:

In Spanish, the ‘Ll’ most often sounds like the English letter ‘y’ like in the words “you” and “yellow”.

The exact pronunciation the ‘Ll’ can vary from region to region, but this is a good rule to guide when in doubt.

So, rather than 'queisadilluh', the correct pronunciation would be 'quesadeeyuh.'

Here are a couple more examples of how the Ll sounds:
Llave (key) – 'yave'
Bella (beautiful) – 'beya'
Amarillo (yellow) – 'amariyo'

Remember this tip and you'll automatically be more well-liked by each and every Spanish speaker out there 🤠

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