Immerse yourself in 🇲🇽 Culture w/ Strawberry-Related Slang 

culture immersion Dec 14, 2020

As you probably know, fresa is the word for strawberry in Spanish (though if you're in Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay, you'll want to use the word frutilla 🍓). In Mexico however, it can take on an alternate meaning:

Like is the case with all societies, Mexico has its fair share of subcultures or urban tribes. One of the most famous is 'los fresas' - the stereotype of superficial teenager or pre-teen who comes from an upper-class family, lives a lavish lifestyle, and is generally, pretty obnoxious and stuck up.

People who are fresa also stereotypically have a particular way of speaking, which consists of elongating phrases and sounding like they have a potato in their mouths. Paris Danielle, a famous TikTokker who self-describes herself as 'la niña fresa' -the fresa girl- serves as a great example.

Experts also note that fresas language is chock-full of anglicisms like OMG, nice, or cool, and that fresas tend to rely heavily on the use of spanglish.

While it might be confusing to differentiate the two meanings of fresa when heard in speech, just remember that fresa is always used with ser -the verb to be- or as an adjective. Fresa as in strawberry however, is always used as a noun.


Esa chica es muy fresa.

Translation: That girl is a snob (fresa).

Me encantan las fresas.

Translation: I love strawberries.

👉So if you're ever traveling around Mexico and people start speaking about cultura fresaor you hear someone say 'es muy fresa' you'll realize that they're referring to Mexican sob-culture, rather than something relating to Mexican strawberries 😂 

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