A Cute, Colorblind Cartoon to Help you Learn Spanish

puns Oct 28, 2020

At Visual Spanish we've created a proven visual method that combines thousands of visual cues with funny, witty dialog, which end up burning Spanish into your brain. This includes a vast array of hysterical videos, cute cartoons, play on words and cringe-worthy puns (they're so cringe-worthy that you wont be able to forget them).

Today, we're bringing you this romantic dibujito.

"Ciego" is Spanish for "blind."

While "Daltónico" is Spanish for "colorblind."

So, if we put it all together, it translates into:

"Sometimes love is blind, other times it's just colorblind."

¿Get it? We think it's actually pretty cute 🥚🥑❤️

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