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Why is it so hard for some people to learn Spanish?

Hi, I'm David. When I was 30 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I didn't know a single person, and I didn't speak a single word of Spanish.

I'm a pretty smart guy, and I've been able to learn most things pretty quickly most of my life. "How hard could it be?" I thought. I knew people that spoke a 2nd language and they didn't seem like great geniuses. I'd be able to figure it out.

Boy was I wrong.

3 Months of Hell

I gave myself 3 months. But hours and hours of one method after another, I was still unable to have even a basic conversation in Spanish. I tried:

✔️ Books
✔️ Audio CDs
✔️ Podcasts
✔️ Software programs
✔️ Apps on my phone
✔️ Group classes

Nothing worked.

Sure, I could say hello and goodbye, and I could order in a restaurant. But a real conversation with a native Spanish speaker? No way.

All my ex-pat friends zoomed past me and were happily chatting away.

I couldn't figure out what it was so hard for me and so easy for everyone else. I thought, "What was I doing wrong?"

The Day My Life Changed

Then I met Jimena, I finally had a great teacher. She was so amazing that I kept trying to make her laugh in Spanish - and that made me remember everything! 

Every day she would teach me, and I would try to make her laugh. With her amazing visual  method, I was speaking Spanish in less than 2 months.

It was like magic.

Basically, she took the 6 Simple Learn Spanish Hacks that she had developed over the years, and put them together into a course just for me.

Now we are going to share those hacks with you - and a little more of my journey to becoming fluent in Spanish.

At the end, I'll tell you about Visual Spanish, a course we developed incorporating all 6 hacks, and a lot more. And a very special offer to help you Speak Conversational Spanish in just 5 Weeks.

Our Story

General Linguistics was founded in 2008 by a group of professional linguists, teachers and students frustrated with boring, old-fashioned language learning programs. Though comprehensive and supported by millions of dollars in marketing, products like Rosetta Stone ® and Pimsleur ® are dated, expensive, and worst of all, boring. Our mission is to develop language learning programs that people will use and enjoy.

Instead of being a torturous chore - learning a language should be fun and engaging! Our first effort, Visual Spanish is a new way to learn Spanish - it includes all the grammar and vocabulary you'll get with boring software like Rosetta Stone or old-fashioned audiobooks like Pimsleur, but with a fun, engaging style. It is comprehensive and challenging, but edgy and addictive at the same time. You'll always be looking forward to the next lesson.

About Visual Spanish

David is a cheeky Londoner learning Spanish in Buenos Aires. Jimena is his gorgeous Argentine teacher. Join their class and get an intensive Spanish immersion, pick up a little about Argentina & Latin America, and see how a little cultural tension provides the perfect backdrop for absorbing a foreign language.

Witty, engaging, entertaining, and at times outrageous -Visual Spanish is unlike any other language program you've ever seen. 

This fast-paced series is comprised of 30 classes of approximately 35 minutes each. Whether you are starting from scratch or an intermediate level, you’ll learn new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. In every class, as the relationship between David & Jimena becomes ever more complex, so does the level of Spanish. By the end of 30 classes, David is speaking conversationally, and so can you!

Visual Spanish is both audibly and visually stimulating, and moves very quickly.

Don't expect to catch everything your first time through. It was developed to be challenging for Spanish students at every level, and it is anything but boring. If you are easily offended this might not be for you, but if you want to learn to speak and write like a native Spanish-speaker, using words and phrases that you would hear in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, or Barcelona, and you think you can keep up, give it a try. View our support page for answers to FAQs.

With four different native Spanish speakers, you will hear over 180,000 words (more than 18 hours of lessons in 30 classes) in a variety of contexts and accents. On the screen, you can follow along with the Spanish text, which is color-coded to help you get a feel for word usage and sentence structure. There are also translations to help you understand what is going on, and symbols and illustrations to help you recognize vocabulary and verb tenses.

Whether you are learning for fun, travel, business, or school, with Visual Spanish you can learn to speak and write Spanish without risk of being bored to death, and you might just pick up some things the books and audio classes will never teach you.

Our Method

Created by linguists, teachers and students from a half-dozen countries, General Linguistics developed Visual Spanish to incorporate all the best elements of the software and audiobook language learning methods like Pimsleur ® and Rosetta Stone ® that have been around for decades.

We mixed the comprehensive learning material of the audiobook courses with the addictive, fun and universally beloved format of a TV show to create theVisual Spanish series. Each of the 30 classes is 30-40 minutes long, proven as the perfect length for a language course - long enough to cover vocabulary and grammar topics but short enough to keep you interested the whole time.

The challenging fast pace and edgy, entertaining style of Visual Spanish will keep you coming back for more. 

Learning Spanish doesn't have to be boring and monotonous. Visual Spanish infuses a witty, engaging storyline into the learning process - and by following along you absorb more Spanish, more quickly than you ever thought possible. By the end of the 5-week, 30-class series, you will be speaking and understanding native conversational Spanish!

You can Speak Spanish in 5 Weeks

For more than 10 years, Thousands of people have learned to Speak & Understand Conversational Spanish with Visual Spanish. You can too.

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